Eugene Koval

Eugene Koval

I am fortunate to be gifted with excellent design and management skills and I love working on home interior, finished carpentry and improvement projects. It brings me great joy to work with people to design their dream home.
  • Age :
    38 Years
  • Experience :
    20 Years
  • Expertise : :
    Planning, Strategy, Management, Carpentry

My History

I have been in the home improvement and construction industry for more than 19 years. I started work as a master carpenter for 9+ years before launching Trim-Worx, I had a mentor and a great team to work with and hone my skills. I was fortunate enough to have learned so much in my trade. Around 2012, I was hired by a large tr-state business as a General Manager to overlook their projects. It started small but soon I was managing large scale projects and became a skillful project manager. With my wealth of knowledge, skills and connections I decided to start something to call my own and Trim-Worx was born.

Beautiful & Functional

I design exquisite residential properties that are not just spaces but dreams that blossom with a mastery and modern brilliance.
Project Management
Finish Carpentry
Trim Work

I am a father of two handsome boys and a loving husband.

I love trekking and traveling to new places and explore new destinations.

Certified Master Carpenter

Project Management