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Hardwood Floors - A Lasting Investment

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable, and it’s hard to find great hardwood flooring installation company nearby because Properly installed hardwood flooring will last for generations with minimal care. Hardwood floors can be used in many rooms of your house, including your kitchen, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, and home office.

Enhance your home with Hardwood Flooring Installation

When we do hardwood flooring installation, you can be sure that we will do so with the utmost care to ensure that it looks as beautiful as it should. We have the right tools and more importantly, we have years of experience at our disposal. We have all the latest in hand tools and power tools to do the job quickly and effectively. We ensure a clean and neat job is done with our two-part process:


This is the 1st part of the project where we neatly do hardwood flooring installation ensuring end to end finish

Coating & Finishing

Coating and Finishing helps bring a shine and also increases durability of your flooring

Hardwood flooring is a sustainable option

Hardwood flooring is a natural and sustainable and it will last you years. It offers a level of comfort not seen in other materials that can either grow cold or become too hot to stand on. The wooden flooring gives you the option of under-floor heating and is incredibly durable- thick hardwood planks that can be sanded and polished if they start to show any signs of wear. Different woods are better for different climates. Generally, one should avoid softwoods, such as pine, as they are less dense and more porous – which means you’ll be dealing with warping and cracking more often. Instead, hardwoods like oak, walnut, ash or birch are great options.

Oak is the most popular type of wood for floors. It is beautiful, dignified and sturdy, the perfect material for hardwood floors. There are various types of oak based on which part of the tree it comes from and how it was cut. There are many options when it comes to plank flooring, which range in style and color.

Want to express your style in every room, without worry?

We have curated seven different themes of hardwood flooring for you according to their qualities:
  1. Elegance – Time-tested warmth and beauty of natural wood
  2. Heritage – Strong, Durable with a natural, earthy finish
  3. Play – A floor your kids will love!
  4. Prestige – Gorgeous floors make any home stand out.
  5. Pure – For that rustic, natural look
  6. Shade – Personalized to any shade you desire
  7. Vintage – Handcrafted hardwood flooring exuberating vintage luxury

Looks, Verticals and Colors

Strip Flooring

Traditionally styled, make the space look bigger

Plank Flooring

For that rustic, earthy look

Hand-scraped Floors

Sure sign of character and charm

Wire Brushed Floors

Enduring beauty

The shape of a hardwood floor is also influenced by the width and length of the strips that make up the edge.

There’s a few different types of edge. The most popular is the square edge, it’s nice and smooth with a flat surface. For something different, you can get micro or full beveled edges, both which are felt with your fingertips as opposed to being seen when looking at the flooring.

All of these factors come in to play when deciding on a new hardwood floor for your home. Trim Worx can help you access all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Hardwood Flooring Types

Hardwood flooring come in various types, which depend on the different finishing and ways of hardwood flooring installation service you choose. Your hardwood flooring is a natural beauty that stands the test of time and with refinishing it can also add in some extra value to your house.

  • Ideally located for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas likely to be prone to spills.

  • Won’t swell, crack or peel if exposed to water

  • You can install wood planks across more square footage because they cover a greater surface area.

  • Instantly gives rooms a more spacious appearance — without the need for more expensive building materials.

  • Bamboo flooring is extremely durable, typically lasting at least 20-25 years.

  • Bamboo flooring is a great option for home owners looking for an eco-friendly and renewable material. Plus, it’s extremely easy to maintain.

  • Different colors and textures of distressed wood flooring are available, including hand-scraped, distressed and aged.
  • Distressed wood flooring is the perfect choice if you want the cozy, antique look, or the natural aesthetic with a warm touch.

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