Finish Carpentry

What is Finish Carpentry?

When your property is near completion with windows, roof and all the plumbing installed, electrical wiring complete, drywall installed and insulated – that’s when we step in with our expert finish carpenters to transform your vision into reality.

"Carpentry is the trade of constructing, framing, and erecting buildings and carpenters are the primary group working in all phases of new home construction."

Eugene Koval
Founder, Trim-Worx

Finish Carpentry Features

Finish carpentry services transforms an interior space from barren to finished space sprouting with life. Trim-Worx precise craftsmanship and a knack for excellent interior design delivers prevision, luxury and quality in their work.

Final Touches

Cabinets, Door-Trims, Baseboards, Wainscoting and more.

Stair Railings

Beautiful & Exquisite Hand-Crafted Stair Railings for the perfect home.

Inside Doors & Pathways

Custom woodwork, checking fit, finish and alignment.

Storage & Shelves

Customized Storage Solutions & Special Order Furniture.

A carpenter’s focus over all other trades is to “frame and erect buildings.” Their laborious task generally falls into three categories: finishing carpentry, rough carpentry and residential carpentry. The most common jobs done by finish carpenters include installing trim on walls and ceilings; filling trim or floor molding with putty or plaster; installing doors or finish trim on doors; constructing stairways, ladders or ramps; securing moldings.

What’s included

We offer comprehensive services to help you finish all trim work – from simple window and door trim to complicated crown molding, wainscoting, and wall paneling. We also offer services for finishing touches like installing bookshelves or intricate fireplace surrounds.

What to expect

We’ll come to your home and assess the job with you in person. From there, we’ll give you our quote and schedule a time for the work to be done. The whole process takes about a week on average.

How it works

We’ll show up at your home on schedule with all necessary materials in tow and start working right away. We’ll need access to electricity and water sources, but that’s it! Once we’re done with all the carpentry work, we’ll clean up after ourselves so that your home is left in impeccable condition.

Quality and warranty

We guarantee that our finish carpentry services are of the highest quality, backed by our years of industry experience and workmanship. We know you’ll be happy with our work because we stand behind all of it.

A safe investment

We’re committed to providing the best finish carpentry service possible. Our professional finish carpentry technicians are trained to deliver quality workmanship and they’re knowledgeable in all areas of home improvement and remodeling. This means your investment is safe with us.

A trustworthy team

You can rely on us to take care of every single detail of your project – from start to finish. We take pride in delivering reliable, efficient services at competitive rates for homes and businesses in Philadelphia & New York.

Finish carpentry made easy

Trim Worx delivers all-grade finish carpentry services across a dizzying number of residential and commercial applications. No matter what size, shape, or type of project, Trim Worx has your needs covered—whether you need to move a room or keep everything in place.

Helpful & happy hourly rates

Getting the work done is our top priority, and with our competitively priced service rates you can rest assured that the budget for your renovation will stay intact for those all-important design features.

Blazing fast turnaround times

Since finish carpenters often need to switch from one task to the next, make sure to arrange the timing sufficiently ahead of time — we don’t want any unfinished ikea ghost furniture haunting your space.

Expert knowledge second to none

Born and bred in a timber town on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we know the products and techniques needed to perfect your project be it pine or exotic hardwood.

Finish Carpentry Tools

"A home is a place for family, friends and guests. A house without the finishing touches feels unfinished. Trim-Worx does the finish carpentry work to make your house feel like a home."
Trim-Worx does it all

Finish carpentry projects can include basic, functional items such as hardwood flooring or stairs. Most of the skilled and specific finish carpentry work, however, is aesthetic. Finish carpenters typically: – Build custom window trim to match any style of window – Install crown molding to make ceilings appear higher – Complete cabinet refacing projects with custom paint colors and new hardware – Create finely detailed raised panel doors with your choice of stain color

Creativity in every project

The Trim Worx team is a group of talented & creative carpenters committed to delivering the best possible service in every project. We are passionate about the work we do and always put their heart and soul into every Finish Carpentry project.

Trim Worx team offers a wide range of services, from small home projects to large commercial projects. We’re happy to provide advice and guidance on any carpentry related queries you may have.

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