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Wooden staircase design upgrade ideas

7 Wooden Staircase Design Upgrade Ideas of 2022

Wooden staircases are an integral aesthetic element in every home’s design. Whether you choose to create them in modern, traditional, transitional, or vintage, they can seamlessly make a style statement. However, staircases do not need to be bland. You can bank on modern home decor trends for wooden staircase design upgrade ideas. It doesn’t need to be simple when there is an option to make it exclusive and customized to match your style and taste. A good staircase contributes to your home decor and can consequently enhance your mood. When you know that you have the best of luxury, it positively affects your mental health too.

What Are Some Best Wooden Staircase Design Upgrade Ideas?

Modern home decor trends in wooden staircase design primarily focus on upgrading specific elements to make them chicer. It could be the balustrades, the treads, and nosings, or the railings. Apart from that, cabinets under the staircase are gaining popularity amongst most homeowners. Check out these wooden staircase design upgrade ideas and design elements to amp up your home’s wooden staircase design.

Glass treads and risers

When you think of contemporary design, nothing tops it off better than glass stairs. The fact that they are transparent contributes to creating a roomy, spacious design that does not feel cluttered. You can further pair them with wooden railings or cables for a transitional touch and enhance them with staircase lights. However, glass stairs can get stained easily and may be difficult for people with disabilities to navigate. To overcome this, add luxury carpeting that goes through the center of the staircase.

Stairs with dual-stringers

Dual-stringer stairs can easily enhance a minimalist contemporary home’s look. Instead of traditional railings, these balustrades are made of two beams that run parallel along the stairs. Ideally, these look best when paired with floating stairs and can be enhanced by adding more stringers or panels in between. They are chic and simple, and can still efficiently make a bold style statement.

Cabinets under the staircase

Some traditional homes are known to have extra storage cabinets under their staircase. However, they do not need to sport the same old, boring designs. Depending on your needs and the space available, add aesthetic bookshelves, bench seats or elegant custom cabinets with a textured finish. You can enhance this further by installing shelves of similar make along the wall of the staircase. These are perfect to put up your photos, plants, books, awards or just to store your extra stuff. Pick unfinished or rubbed wood, sleek glass paneling or a colorful pop of acrylic finish.

Tweak those balustrades

Most stairs have banisters (handrails), balusters and balustrades, that are each elegant in their own ways. Most popular staircase design trends revolve around ameliorating these elements creating more refined designs.

  • If you want to incorporate a more traditional staircase look, nothing fits better than regal wrought iron balustrades. You can even play around with the banisters to add intricate stair railing design.
  • Farmhouse designs are much-loved for their minimalist take on home decor. Install wooden balustrades to give your stairs a farmhouse look.
  • However, if contemporary is your style, consider attaching your floating staircase with floor-to-ceiling vertical rail systems. They help make efficient use of space and create a visual style statement in your home.
  • Lastly, glass always helps amp any wooden design. Add a transitional touch to your staircase with glass-paneled balustrades. Usually, the glass used here is toughened, and laminated and offers a gorgeous view of the home. Pro-tip: add these to your balcony or terrace balustrades to create the perfect space for some me-time.

Ship-lap walls

Staircase design does not have to be restricted to reworking its main body. Enhancing the design of the surrounding spaces can contribute to making your overall staircase look prettier. Paint ship-lap planks in a fun color such as black, green, maroon or the good old white. The vertical planks can add a very rustic feel to the entire space and create the perfect backdrop for some photos and shelves. You can either aim to add contrast by pairing wooden browns with a neutral black or white or just go retro by playing a mix-match with colors.

Color play

If you don’t mind thinking out of the box, consider color play for your staircase. Ideally, most homeowners love detailing their staircases with risers and treads in contrasting colors. You could pair whites with dark browns, blacks with lighter browns or consider adding colorful funk. Give your home a statement personality with stairs in pastel shades. You could make the entire area one color (Eg. yellow), pair white and pink or just go rainbow. The textured look can give your home a fun, retro makeover.

Wallpaper design

If you want to create a particular vibe for the area around your staircase, consider using wallpapers. You can add these to the wall behind your stairs and even underneath. You could consider tropical prints, neon designs or some intricate art for a regal touch. However, if not planned right, wallpapers can make your entire design feel chaotic or cluttered. Consult an expert and pick fun wallpapers that don’t disrupt the flow of your home’s decor.


Staircases are not usually the center of attraction in many homes. However, they hold so much design potential to give your decor a revamped look. Modern home decor trends for wooden staircases incorporate unique balustrade designs and wall finishes for a more streamlined and elegant look. If you feel like your home needs a personality change, adding color, metal or statement cabinets to your staircase can be a wonderful idea. You won’t need to remodel your entire home, end up cutting a hole in your pocket or live in a cluttered space while changes are being made. It’s simple, budget-friendly, and extremely impactful in making your home reflect your taste and amp your mood.