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Types of custom cabinets for home

Types of Custom Cabinets you can get for your Home

Custom cabinetry efficiently amps up the design and storage options in a home. No matter what your needs are, a seasoned carpenter can design custom cabinets to meet them. You can choose what kind of storage space you need, where you need it and how you want to make it fit into the aesthetic of your home. Moreover, you can hop in on any custom cabinetry trends that are making the rounds. That said, trying to understand cabinets can feel overwhelming and confusing. There are a lot of terminologies followed by numerous classifications that help you pick that one perfect cabinet. Here is a brief guide on the different types of custom cabinets you can get for your home.

Types of custom cabinets for your home

On a broad level, wooden cabinetry is classified on the basis of its production procedure, its build, its placement and its aesthetic style. You can either mix and match these various categories or let an expert suggest the base option for you. The key is knowing what’s what and making sure you know your home is getting what it deserves.

Mode of production and design

On the basis of their method of production, cabinets are classified as stock, semi-custom and custom. Stock cabinets are essentially pre-made installations you purchase at a store. They cannot be modified in any way. Semi-custom cabinets on the other hand are open to some specific customization such as color or door handles. Customization options depend on the seller. Lastly, custom cabinets are ones that are designed from scratch to meet or can be simple modifications to an existing design in order to meet your needs. What you choose depends on the space in your home, your budget and your storage or design requirements.

The build of custom cabinets

Essentially, custom cabinets can have three types of door placements – full overlay, partial overlay and inset. In cabinets with full overlay, the doors completely cover the cabinet frame and create a chic, contemporary look. However, if you like traditional designs, then cabinets with partial overlay are simply perfect. They use lesser materials, partially cover the cabinet frames, but also offer lesser space. Finally, inset cabinets have doors that sit inside the cabinet to create a transitional look and require some fine craftsmanship.

Placement of cabinets

Where you place your custom cabinets depends on the available space and your needs. Broadly, you can get base cabinets or wall cabinets which can be further customized to align with a space. Your base cabinets are the ones that go on the floor and make ideal installations in kitchens and mudrooms. Wall cabinets on the other hand are better suited for rooms with limited floor spaces such as your bathrooms. However, they can perfectly be paired with base cabinets to optimize storage. Furthermore, you can make built-in units of your wall cabinets for a more contemporary look.

The aesthetic style of your custom cabinets

Apart from their base designs, custom cabinets can be ameliorated by infusing modern-day home decor trends. Here are some popular cabinet styles –

1. Shaker-style

Shaker-style types of custom cabinets for home present a sleek, transitional style in custom cabinetry. The full-overlay cabinetry has flat-paneled doors with raised borders and chic rail frames, built in sturdy hardwood such as maple, cherry or oak and boasting elegant solid colors.

2. Distressed Cabinets

Distressed cabinetry is perfect for adding a vintage touch to your living spaces. Your carpenters can create this by using rubbed wood or unfinished wooden pieces for your cabinets. These trending installations can be amped with different door and handle styles to make them even more aesthetic.

3. Louvered Cabinets

The horizontal wooden slats in louvered cabinets add a sophisticated touch to your spaces. They make for great pantries to store ingredients since their slabs create ventilation.


Custom cabinets are great when you have specific storage and design needs for your home. You deserve spaces that make your home chic and efficient. That said, picking the perfect custom cabinets for yourself might seem confusing. You can pick cabinets on the basis of make, build, design and placement. Your specific needs and the availability of space in your home will determine each factor. That said, a seasoned carpenter can best help you pick an installation that is perfect for you.

Professional cabinet maker

Why do I need a professional cabinet maker for my home?

It goes without saying that no home is complete without elegant and organized kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinet industry in the USA was estimated at $4.5 billion as of 2020. What’s more, these numbers are predicted to keep increasing as the need for trendy and functional cabinetry keeps increasing. However, good cabinetry is one that aligns with your kitchen’s layout and your home’s general decor. In order to get the best for your home, consider a cabinet maker with plenty of experience and knowledge. A professional cabinet maker can help you with not just finding the best cabinets for your kitchen layout, but also ensure that the furniture is durable and optimizes storage.

Benefits of hiring a professional cabinet maker for your home:

A professional cabinet maker is an artist who will dedicate their entire skills and experience to creating unique cabinetry for you. If you want to install strong, durable cabinets in your kitchen or are looking to remodel it, invest in a professional cabinet maker. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional to make your kitchen cabinetry:

1. The cabinet design aligns with your home

You might own a cozy contemporary apartment or a colossal colonial-inspired home, each having its own unique design needs. Pre-made cabinets might not always be available in the dimensions required for your kitchen. This could lead to a waste of space or an uncomfortable placement of the cabinets. You don’t want to have to bend and twist yourself to reach something, do you? A custom cabinet maker can help you create cabinetry that utilizes the available space in your kitchen, creates customized storage for different items and ensures that your kitchen looks like a streamlined unit. This is especially helpful if you have kitchens in unusual layouts or with unnecessary corners.

2. Get your hands on the best materials

The material that you pick for your kitchen cabinets can make or break the kitchen’s entire design. Plywood, Melamine, Particle Boards and Marine Ply are generally preferred by most homeowners for classy and durable cabinetry. These materials can be further enhanced with veneer, acrylic, laminate or PU finishes. While pre-made kitchen cabinets are available in specific materials and combinations, a custom cabinet maker can pick the best ones for your home. You don’t need to settle for materials that aren’t to your liking due to limited availability. Go crazy with picking the ones that will survive any kitchen catastrophe and still look fabulous.

3. Create cabinetry that fits your budget

A professional cabinet maker will have their own pricing for a particular project. However, they will help you install the best kitchen cabinets within your budget. Most ready-made kitchen cabinets are available within fixed price ranges. This means that you either shell out more for the bare minimum (e.g. handle-less drawers) or settle for less (e.g. regular steel handles). A cabinet maker, though, could inform you about the different types of handle-less cabinets and which ones fit your budget. You get exactly what you need in your kitchen within your expected budget.

4. Inculcate sustainable cabinetry

When you hire a professional cabinet maker, you automatically prevent excess wastage of materials. Moreover, you are opting to support a business that does not mass produce ready-made cabinets. Along with that, you can consciously opt for more Eco-friendly materials to make your kitchen cabinets. To start with, you can choose paints with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and use certified wood. There is a rising consciousness toward mindful living and opting for sustainable kitchen cabinetry can be your step toward being more Eco-conscious.

5. Cabinets that reflect excellent craftsmanship

As opposed to pre-made cabinetry, a professional cabinet maker ensures fine workmanship for your cabinets. When you sign up for a professional cabinet maker, you invest in your home. You can survey the entire process and their work will be backed by their portfolio and client reviews. You won’t have to worry about delays, poor quality of work or shoddy installation – everything will be done perfectly to your contentment. Furthermore, you get cabinets that are aesthetically appealing, complement your kitchen color palette and have a space for storing exactly what you need. While pre-made cabinetry usually comes with fixed drawers and cupboards, custom-made kitchen cabinetry will be tailor-made for you. You can pick the number of drawers, cabinets, magic corners, supply closets and so on that fit your needs and your home’s dimensions.


Does your kitchen look overcrowded or too compact? A professional cabinet maker can optimize your kitchen to make it look aesthetically appealing and spacious. It might seem like a cumbersome process to get involved in as opposed to just purchasing ready-made kitchen cabinetry. However, a cabinet maker is an investment that guarantees you durability and customization in return. Assess your kitchen and see if it deserves a bespoke makeover. You can get cabinets in your preferred size and materials that perfectly align with your kitchen’s layout too. Moreover, a reputed professional cabinet maker promises perfection and skilled craftsmanship that reflects your values and investment. If you want bespoke cabinets for your home, hire a cabinet maker with a good portfolio and client review.

Know Everything About Custom Cabinets

The hallmark of any home is its level of comfort for its residents. This comfort comes from efficiently utilizing space so your home doesn’t feel cluttered. One of the best ways to do this is by installing custom cabinets, especially in your kitchens and bedroom.

Not only do they aesthetically help declutter your home, but they also enable a more personalized style to your living spaces. Before you jump into the world of custom cabinetry, staying abreast of its various aspects is essential to find what works best for you.

What does a custom cabinet mean?

A custom cabinet, simply put, is a storage space uniquely designed and built to fit a particular living space. It can be designed to provide a specific room’s dimensions and can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor.

It is beneficial for rooms with limited space or a unique layout which makes accommodation of pre-made furniture difficult. A carpenter or a custom cabinet manufacturer can take specific measurements and even offer insight into how they can install cabins that could efficiently provide and utilize the room’s space.

Moreover, for a custom cabinet, you get to pick your choice of material to align with the rest of your home’s decor.

What are the different types of cabinets?

A cabinet type depends on several factors such as its construction, size, style, and how these doors or drawers sit in the cabinet’s frame. Essentially, cabinets are categorized into stock, semi-custom and custom. Custom cabinets can then be further classified based on the parameters mentioned above.

  • A cabinet’s construction can be framed or frameless, i.e. the main body will either have an extra frame or won’t. While a framed cabinet is sturdier and gives your home a more traditional look, a frameless one offers more storage space and a more contemporary look.
  • Based on the size and position of your cabinets, they can be divided into a wall (or wall-mounted), a tall (tall cabinets placed on the ground) or a base (short, sturdy cabinets that serve as a base for kitchen counters, for instance).
  • Next, a cabinet can be categorized as a full overlay, partial overlay and inset based on how the cabinet doors sit in the frame. The entries cover the main cabinet frame in a full overlay cabinet, creating more storage space and an aesthetic look. On the other hand, in an inset cabinet, the doors are placed within a cabinet frame, allowing for a sturdier and more traditional look that allows for more vital floor cabinets. Lastly, a partial overlay custom cabinet incorporates the face of an inset cabinet by placing the doors over the frame while also allowing more storage space than an inset.
  • Finally, the style of your cabinet doors can also define their type. Some popular custom cabinet door styles are Shaker, slab, raised panel, beadboard, louvred, glass front, open shelving and so on. 

Are custom cabinets worth the price?

Custom cabinets, especially in kitchen design, can make or break your everyday interaction with the space. They facilitate functionality while also contributing to the look of your cooking/dining space. The same can be said when it comes to adding cabinets in your bedroom or your study.

While pre-made cabinets will require you to put in additional efforts to hunt and fix up cabinets that align with you and your living space’s needs, custom cabinets are tailor-made to fit perfectly into your world. They can help simplify your storage problems and add a touch of elegance to your home. Hence, custom cabinets are worth the price since they go a long way in facilitating a comfortable living experience.

Which type of cabinets is best?

The type of cabinet you pick directly depends on your needs and goals for your home. For instance, while base cabinets serve better under kitchen countertops due to their sturdiness, tall cabinets work perfectly as a walk-in pantry or a broom closet.

While narrowing down on a custom cabinet design, some critical factors to consider are your budget, home decor, kitchen style (wooden, laminate etc.) and functionality. It can help to also focus on whether you need them to increase storage space in your home or declutter your kitchen countertops. Discussing your needs with a carpenter or a custom cabinet manufacturer/designer can help.

Difference between custom cabinets and stock?

Stock cabinets are pre-made designs that are mass manufactured by retail furniture sellers. They come in fixed shapes, designs, sizes, materials and even colours. They are not versatile or customizable, making their installation difficult or even impossible.

Stock cabinets generally come in a basic conventional design with minimal accessorizing. However, they are seen as a more economical option of the two. On the other hand, custom cabinets can be entirely designed from scratch according to your needs and preferences.

Standard units or bespoke kitchen cabinets

Standard units come in fixed measurements which increase in a constant predetermined ratio. While they can be a money-saver, they might not always fit into your home’s dimensions or interior decor. On the other hand, bespoke kitchen cabinets are tailored to accommodate all your needs – from a secret storage box to that extra holder for your favourite sauces. This can add a touch of comfort that makes all the difference in your cooking experience. Spending a little more on custom cabinets can work wonders in the long run where you won’t need to upgrade or remodel because of avoidable inconveniences. Moreover, since you get to pick the materials and oversee their construction, you can also be assured of a satisfactory quality check.’

What are semi-custom cabinets?

Semi-custom cabinets allow for some modification to a pre-existing wardrobe of a fixed size. Semi-custom cabinets allow for alterations in the cabinets’ depths, finish, style and decorative enhancements at a comparatively more economical price than fully custom cabinets. The modification depends on the cabinet manufacturer, but it usually includes a range of good storage and decorative solutions.

Why Choose a Custom Cabinet company?

custom cabinet company will provide you with the best cabinetry and storage. It usually involves a team of experts, including interior decorators, architects, and carpenters. These people can effectively implement your vision into an executable design that systematically offers functionalities and aesthetics. Your living space (especially your kitchen) should feel like an extension of you, which can be best achieved through a company that knows how to do it.


It is no mean feat to design (or remodel) a house all by yourself, especially when you know you have a vision for how you want it to be. While pre-made decor might work for some, the same cannot be said for stock furniture. The best way to go about designing your home is through custom-made furniture, and in that regard, custom cabinets top the list. They help declutter your living space elegantly and efficiently and are non-negotiables when designing your dream home.